Primary Private Equity
Kendall is an active primary investor in private equity, venture capital, distressed/special situations, infrastructure and related opportunities. We seek opportunities that emphasize a wide range of investment advantages that may include proprietary technology, leading market share, strong growth potential and/or private control, supervision and ownership.

Secondary Private Equity
Kendall Investments seeks out and carefully considers secondary private equity and venture capital transactions. Secondary opportunities may arise for various reasons. Selling parties may seek to:
       Rebalance a portfolio
       Reduce the number of investments or managers in their portfolio
       Raise cash
       Eliminate further funding calls
       Close out or monetize long-standing investments
Kendall rapidly evaluates private equity secondary opportunities and can provide efficient solutions for parties seeking to re-allocate, close out or liquidate their private equity holdings. Interested parties should contact Kendall Investments at 617-374-3707 or at All inquiries are confidential.

Sustainable Infrastructure
Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure invests capital into real assets that generate electricity through renewable methods and produce water. The output from the projects is sold under long-term contracts, which yield predictable annual cash flows.

Our focus is on commercially proven technology and fundamental returns based on discounted cash flow analysis. We differentiate ourselves by participating in the underfinanced small to mid-markets, targeting investments from $2M $50M, and sourcing deals domestically and internationally in politically stable regions. Investments are made after substantial completion of development activities, at a pre-construction stage, and into operating assets always with a long-term investment horizon in mind.

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